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Saturday, 8 July 2017  |  Admin

As we enjoy the better weather and, perhaps spend more time outdoors becoming more active; we can also take some time out to pamper ourselves.
To this end, my Blog post features fragrances which will lend a hand.
The herbs and flowers listed below are the source of essential oils which are used in Toiletries, Cosmetics, Aromatherapy and other Holistic treatments and preparations.
Relax - White Jasmine Fragrance
In Aromatherapy terms Jasmine is regarded as the 'King of Oils' and is one of the most important flowers in perfumery and cosmetics. It originates from countries such as Egypt, Southern France, India, Iran and is native to China. The aroma is quite 'heady' and long lasting. It is considered to be a relaxant and for those experiencing tension and anxiety.
Refresh - Neroli & Bergamot Fragrance
Nothing like a refreshing zingy citrus fragrance to start or end the day. Here we have a blend of two long term favourites.
Neroli - Sourced from Orange Blossom - Strongly scented, soothing, calming and used for rejuvenating the skin.
Bergamot - Obtained from the skin of the nearly ripe fruit. Having antiseptic and uplifting qualities. Also used for flavouring Earl & Lady Grey teas. Evokes pleasant memories of the sunny Mediterranean.
* Be aware, if using Essential Oils such as Neroli & Bergamot, they may contain properties which can cause skin sensitisation.
Revive - Spearmint & Rosemary
​A 'pick me up' following a long day at the office or a visit to the gym.
Spearmint - To relieve fatigue, muscle spasm and possessing anti-inflammatory properties.
Rosemary - Used for pain relief, headaches, mental fatigue, and in muscle rubs, shampoos and, to boost the immune system.
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